Introduction to Scala language

Scala is one of the precursors in the field of combining object-oriented and functional programming. Code written in Scala can be run on many different platforms: Java Virtual Machine, LLVM, and in the browser thanks to the transpilation to JavaScript. Originally, the language gained popularity largely thanks to its compatibility with Java libraries. Nowadays, Scala creates libraries and frameworks that are also commonly used by users of other languages, such as Akka or Apache Spark.

VirtusLab has been providing innovative solutions in the IT area for over 11 years and Scala has been an inseparable part of it from the very beginning. Today, VirtusLab is an integral part of the Scala ecosystem where, together with EPFL, it plays a central role in maintaining the language and guiding its development.

The lecture will showcase the basics of syntax, as well as selected Scala properties distinguishing it from other programming languages.

45 minutes + Q&A

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