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Meet the new

March 29, 2021
cover image for article: Meet the new is an initiative that has been growing within the tech community since 2016 to enable them to learn & share & connect. We really scaled throughout the years, but the community is still at the heart. 

For most of you, needs no introduction, however for those who’d like to find out more about the roots, check this article first

2020 has changed many aspects of our lives. Meeting people in person is still not an option. Instead of putting everything on hold and waiting for better days, we’ve decided to use the current situation as an opportunity to go one step further. We believe we can make learning, sharing and connecting with people more inclusive without the restrictions of physical space.

To meet the new conditions, we’ve created a special space for the tech community, a one knowledge base platform. This way you’re able to access our best tech content in one place at any time. Of course – for free.

On our brand new website, you can find valuable tech content divided into three areas

  1. library of tech talks – videos from our previous events in one place (past stationary conferences’ talks and online sessions)

Throughout the year we’ll fill the library with fresh, inspiring #techtalks in a short formula, available to you whenever & wherever you want. 

  1. virtual meetups – is coming back to you more frequently with a fresh dose of knowledge from top-notch experts (you can expect panel discussions, round tables, Q&A sessions and many more)

A new event is already on the way – check the Scala 3 Release Party on April 23rd. 

  1. blog with IT articles – covering the latest tech trends and news about the’s community

We want it to be a community-driven platform and provide the content you truly want to watch. That’s why you can always share your propositions for interesting topics or speakers you would like to listen to on the stage. 

Join our community – let’s shape it together!